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Jan 2009: Design Indaba Magazine
Nadine Botha probes Aerial's continuing fascination with air disasters and theme parks, in her six-page feature "Fear of Flying".

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"Perhaps only aerophobics truly appreciate the similarities between planes and rollercoasters. Harnessed into ordered forward-facing rows, sentient passengers relinquish control over their fate in traversing a distance in a supposedly foolproof piloted path. Of course, for the majority of people who have come to recognise airflight as merely a form of transport, the primary difference is that rollercoasters thrill. And, just like flight requires aeronautical engineers, thrill has its own engineer Brendan Walker."
Nadine Botha, Design Indaba Magazine

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design indaba magazine: 4th quarter 2008
design indaba magazine: 4th quarter 2008
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