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the durex EXPERIMENT
According to Durex's annual gobal survey, around 54% of couples report being dissatisfied with their sex lives. Could a series of scientific experiments, designed to take couples on an exploration of pleasure & arousal, make a difference? --->
The Experiment LIVE
For one night only, Thrill Laboratory present an experiment like no other: real scientists, amateur paranormal investigators, and the live exploration of a haunted building. --->
Seed to Speed
or "Pimp My Pop Pop" as the boys at Bow School liked to call it --->
Nil by Mouth
Keynote lecture and experiment in engineering thrill at Food Design 2012 --->
Wear a gas mask and engage in a little breath play, with video tennis doubles… --->
Dr Brendan Dare returns to Mayhem Horror Film Festival to study the effects of panic and fear on the human respiratory system. --->
Breathless is an interactive experience inspired by Fragonard's Swing, which combines elements of voyeurism, abandonment and breath control to power the ride. --->
Titanic: The Mission
Brendan Walker is one of four engineers presenting a new Channel 4 series that airs from 27th September. --->
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