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Duality: one body, two brains
What if we were able to transport synaptic energy from a living brain to stimulate other remote organic material... perhaps even a clinically dead brain? --->
Storm In A Teacup
A sensor on Hastings Pier is monitoring waves and transmitting live data to remote teacups --->
An immersive interactive artwork based on two popular entertainment technologies. --->
The world's first brain controlled thrill ride. --->
Dramatic Stories...
of Industrial Dare & Do: Above, Below, and Beyond the River Lea --->
Thrill Laboratory builds machine to reveal baby's excitement responses to tasting different ingredients. --->
Juke Built To Thrill
Brand activation campaign with TBWA/London for Nissan Europe --->
Thrill Laboratory
Thrill Laboratory is dedicated to the practical pursuit of creating, producing, and examining new forms of thrilling experience. --->
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